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Sod Repair and Installation, Aerating and Dethatching Services in Minneapolis

Along with our regular lawn mowing, weed control and fertilization services in the Minneapolis suburban area, we also offer a complete range of specialized services to our customers. As a complete lawn service company, we’re equipped to perform all the services you need to keep your outdoor spaces rich looking and healthy. Our crews are specially trained to keep your grass lush and beautiful, and we have the professional-quality equipment needed to do the job correctly and efficiently. Some of the specialized services we offer include:

  • Sod Installation and Repair – Whether you need sod installed in a small area or want to replace an entire lawn, our company can do the job in the most professional way possible. From selecting the appropriate grass types for your landscape to installing it using the best practices, rely on our company for all sod repair jobs. When you hire us for regular mowing services, we’ll keep an eye on your grass growth and let you know if we find any conditions that need attention. Our training and experience is your best guide.
  • Dethatching – Thatch is the accumulation of living and dead grass stems and roots at the base of your grass cover. Every lawn produces thatch, and needs the right amount of it for strength and flexibility. Too much thatch, though, can choke your lawn and should be removed. Our power-raking equipment makes short work of too-deep thatch, and restores proper health and vigor. Every lawn needs dethatching or power raking at varying intervals. Count on us to advise you when this service is needed.
  • Aerating – Soil compaction is a real problem for healthy grass growth. Overly compacted soil interferes with the movement of water, nutrients, and oxygen into the soil. Soils heavy in clay are especially troublesome. Proper aeration, done with professional equipment, is a must for healthy, lush growth and its frequency depends on many factors. This highly specialized job is not suitable for a do-it-yourself project because the lack of experience and skills may make the problem worse.
  • Over-Seeding and Repair – When your lawn develops thin or brown patches or is damaged, the solution is often a careful over-seeding of the damaged area. While this seems simple, matching grass types with your existing turf and choosing special seed mixes for areas subject to salt damage or shady locations requires expertise. Our experts can choose the correct seed combinations to fix damage and make the repair blend seamlessly into your healthy lawn. When we’re on the job, you’re assured of great-looking landscaping.
  • Rough-Cut Mowing – For our customers with large properties, we offer rough-cut mowing for areas on the property not planted in traditional lawns. Controlling the growth of coarse plants by rough-cut mowing adds beauty to your property and controls this growth. We also rough-cut mow other overgrown areas. On rural properties and for homes with landscaping that includes natural grasses and plantings, this added service helps to keep your property under control at a very reasonable cost.
  • Insect and Pest Control – From time to time, yards can become infested with destructive insects or become damaged by moles, gophers and other destructive pests. These can damage your healthy grass very quickly, making it look unsightly and uneven. We can diagnose problems and treat your turf areas, using environmentally sound and approved methods. Our mowing crews will let you know if they spot a problem and advise you of our recommended solution. If treatment is needed, we’ll give you a money-saving price quote.

How Much Do Lawn Repair, Sod Installation and Aeration Services Cost?

All of these special services require expertise and the proper equipment. At our lawn care company, we have the right equipment and over 30 years of experience in Minneapolis and suburban turf care. Any time our mowing plan customers need additional services, we’ll suggest a solution and give you a bid for the service that reflects our professionalism and always keeps your budget in mind. Acting quickly when extra care is needed can save you from spending even more. We’ll help you to correct problems before they get out of hand.

We provide the full range of residential and commercial services throughout the Minneapolis suburban area, from Edina, Eden Prairie, Shakopee and Chanhassen, to Champlin, Bloomington, Richfield and St. Louis Park, and dozens of other communities.


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Whatever your lawn needs, our highly trained, hardworking crews are ready to handle the job professionally and economically. We have the professional quality equipment needed for all lawn maintenance jobs, along with highly skilled technicians who are trained to do the job correctly the first time. Since 1981, we’ve handled lawn mowing, repair, weed control, fertilization, aeration and dethatching for thousands of satisfied customers in the Twin Cities. Our A+ Better Business Bureau rating reflects our dedication to excellence and complete customer service. Call us today for a free consultation. We’ll be happy to make an appointment for an evaluation and to discuss our scheduled weekly services with you.

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