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Complete Lawn Mowing and Maintenance Services – Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota homeowners know the importance of regular turf grass maintenance. We offer regularly scheduled mowing to our Twin Cities customers on a weekly basis. Choosing this regular, highly affordable service means that your lawn will be cut to the proper height every week. This creates a healthy, uniform, manicured turf that is beautiful to look at and comfortable for your outdoor activities. At each visit, we’ll do all of the following:

  • Evaluate Your Lawn’s Condition – This important step can help you monitor your watering schedule and will spot any problems with your lawn that may occur before they become serious. We’ll make expert suggestions if any changes or additional services are needed.
  • Scheduled Weekly Mowing – We’ll use our state-of-the-art professional mowing equipment to cut the grass to its ideal height. Our mowers are designed and maintained to produce a clean, even cut to keep your lawn looking lush and beautiful. You’ll see the difference, starting with the first week.
  • Trim around Obstacles and Landscape Features – We’ll use string trimmers and other specialized tools to carefully trim your lawn, preventing unsightly and scraggly grass growth. Our experienced workers know exactly how to keep your yard looking its best.
  • Edge Borders – We carefully edge your lawn around walks, driveways, and all other borders of the turf. Many contractors don’t do this job properly, leaving your property with an unfinished, ragged appearance. We use the right tools and take care to do the job correctly.
  • Blow Debris from Walks and Driveways – Using our powerful, quiet blowers, we will completely remove any grass, leaves and other debris from these areas. Our work is never complete until your outdoor areas are clean and free of unsightly leftovers.
  • Remove All Trimmings and Debris – We leave nothing behind but perfectly cut and trimmed grass. A neatly groomed outdoor landscape is your goal, and we make that our priority as well. We understand that our customers expect the very best, so that’s what we deliver.
  • Consult with You as Needed – If our crews notice any developing conditions with your grass, we will consult with you and advise you of needed watering schedule changes or suggestions for dealing with new problems. We’ll never try to sell you any services that are unnecessary, like some local contractors do.

How Much Does Lawn Care Cost?

When we give you a bid on our regular mowing and maintenance services, the cost is based on the size of your lawn, landscaping features, and other factors that affect how long each job will take. Each home’s landscape is unique, so our rate is fine-tuned for your specific property. Our low prices are among the lowest offered by local contractors. The quality and completeness of our work, however, is superior. You don’t have to pay more for the very best service you can find anywhere.


Lawn Mowing Done to Your Satisfaction

Call us to take advantage of our free evaluation. A professional turf consultant will visit you at your convenience and make a thorough evaluation. After consulting with you to determine your goals and needs, we’ll propose a regular schedule of mowing and maintenance services and give you a firm, affordable price quote. Each week, we mow hundreds of lawns in Golden Valley, Plymouth, Maple Grove, Minnetonka, Crystal, New Hope, Wayzata, Edina, St. Louis Park and Brooklyn Park and in all other suburban cities near Minneapolis.

All of the employees at our Twin Cities lawn service company take professionalism very seriously. We work efficiently and as quietly and unobtrusively as possible. We treat our customers with courtesy and respect their privacy at all times. We always remember that your satisfaction in having a beautiful, well-groomed lawn is our top priority, and treat every job seriously. When you want your property to be the envy of the neighborhood, we’re your best choice.

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