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One of the most important things we do at our A+ rated lawn care company is to help our customers understand more about their lawns. Our long training and 30 years of experience with lawns in the Twin Cities suburban communities around Minneapolis has given us valuable knowledge that we can share with homeowners and other property owners. In our free, no-obligation evaluations and in all interactions with our hundreds of regular mowing customers, we share information freely. We know that the more our customers know, the better they’ll understand their turf areas and landscaping. We’re always happy to answer questions and share our knowledge. At the links below, you’ll find detailed answers to the most common lawncare questions in Minnesota.

Why Hire a Lawn Care Company?

Your Twin Cities lawn is the most visible element of your landscaping. Keeping it in top condition enhances the appearance and value of your home. Neglect and poor care cause costly deterioration and replacement. Most homeowners don’t have the time, knowledge or equipment needed to provide the care needed for a healthy, lush, beautiful lawn. That’s why more and more discerning Minnesota homeowners rely on regular mowing, weed control, fertilization and yard cleanup services from a trusted company.


Does My Lawn Need Aeration?

During the life of any lawn, many conditions lead to soil compaction. Play, sports activities, general foot traffic, and other factors cause the soil to become dense and hard. This prevents proper water absorption, blocks air from entering the soil, and prevents proper root growth. The result leads to unhealthy grass. Proper aeration restores all of these factors and lets the grass breathe and grow. Done by seasoned professionals, the aeration service is the key to a healthy, lush lawn.

What Is Dethatching and Why Do I Need It?

Periodically removing the excess thatch from your lawn is essential for lawn health and beauty. Thatch is the living and dead grass roots and stems that accumulate at the base of every lawn. Removing excess thatch allows the grass to breath and encourages lush new growth. Proper dethatching or power raking is a very difficult job for homeowners, requiring special equipment and knowledge. Customers of our regular mowing service rely on our efficient crews to handle dethatching correctly at affordable cost.


How Often Should a Lawn Be Mowed?

For most Minnesota homeowners and commercial property owners, weekly mowing is the surest way to keep turf healthy and beautiful. Our efficient, well-equipped crews arrive on a regular schedule, trim your grass to the proper height and take care of all related services with each visit. We offer a range of service plans to properly maintain your yard at low monthly cost. Our regular, scheduled mowing plans are available in every community in the Minneapolis suburban area.

How Should I Water My Lawn?

Regular watering and irrigation is part of proper care. Depending on the weather, you may need to supply from 1-1.5″ of water to your lawn each week. Automatic sprinkler systems or other methods help keep your grass green, lush and healthy. You can count on your regular mowing technicians to advise you on your watering schedule. Soil conditions, grass type and other factors all play a role in how often your turf needs irrigation.


What’s the Optimal Height of a Lawn?

Grass species typically used for Minnesota lawns look their best and are healthiest when cut from 2-3″ high. Many homeowners make the mistake of cropping their turf too closely. Longer leaves help to build deep, strong root systems that resist dry conditions. They also produce a lush, even appearance that is ideal for most residential landscaping. Our experienced mowing crews will maintain your turf at its ideal length with regular weekly service. You’ll see the dramatic difference.

What Are Essential Lawn Care Services in Spring?

Giving your yard the best possible start each spring means taking care of a long list of essential tasks. From cleaning up winter’s yard debris and evaluating the condition of your turf to making needed repairs and applying proper fertilization and weed control treatments, there’s a lot to take care of. Our regular customers rely on us to help them understand what is needed and hire us to use our expertise and experience to get the job done right. We’ll help you get your yard ready for the growing season.


Does My Lawn Need Fall Cleanup?

During autumn months, residential and commercial lawns are facing Minnesota’s tough winter conditions. To help them survive snow cover and below zero cold, it’s important to make preparations before the first snows fall. Leaf removal, fall fertilization and weed control applications are just some of the tasks that are essential. Our hardworking, efficient crews help our regular customers avoid the backbreaking work and assure you of turf that survives in good health and is ready to grow in the spring.

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