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How Much Does Professional Lawn Care and Mowing Cost in Minneapolis?

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Every homeowner’s budget is tight today. When it’s time to hiring someone to provide needed services, like lawn mowing, snow plowing and landscape maintenance, how much it costs is always a consideration. As the leading lawn service contractor in the Twin Cities, we understand that you need service that fits into your budget. With a large number of available contractors providing a wide range of services, property owners have many choices. We keep our prices competitive at all times, and they are some of the lowest in the area. Our excellent efficiency and hardworking crews help keep our costs low. Here’s a guide to help you make an informed assessment of lawn care rates and to understand the factors that determine cost:

The Size of Your Property Is an Important Factor

For any service, the larger the area to be maintained determines how much time it will take to perform the service. The larger the lawn is, the longer it takes to mow, and the more fertilizers and herbicides it needs for the treatment. Snow plowing, too, takes more time with a longer driveway. In our free evaluation and price quotes, size is a major factor in the competitive rate we bid. This factor affects all services for every company.


Property Layout Also Affects the Price

Since the cost for our services depends on the time required to get the job done, characteristics of the property have an effect. A simple lawn without obstacles can be mowed much faster than a complicated layout with trees, multiple walkways, a fence and other complications. The layout also affects other services, like edging, that are included with our basic mowing services. Access is another factor. Normally, we use wide, push mowers and riding mowers for most jobs. If the mower won’t fit through a fence gate, the job can take longer.

The Actual Services Delivered Determine Costs

Each service we offer includes a specific set of tasks, and the price is based on performance of those operations. Additional services add to the total cost. For example, if your snow removal job involves only plowing the driveway, the price will be lowest. If you also need walkways shoveled, the cost will reflect the time for all tasks to be completed. The more flexible you are with scheduling, the lower the cost for your plan will be. Similarly, scheduling multiple tasks on the same visit also helps you save money.


Location and Scheduling Can Have Effects on Cost

Unless your property is located next door to our base of operations, our crews will have to travel to mow your lawn or do other services. When we schedule regular services, we try to work on multiple properties in the same area to help control costs. Our careful scheduling helps us to keep the price down for properties that are close to each other. We serve Minneapolis and its suburbs including Crystal, New Hope, Bloomington, Richfield, Edina and Gold Valley. In Twin Cities Northwest suburbs, we serve Maple Grove, St. Louis Par, Plymouth, Wayzata, Brooklyn Park, Champlin and Robbinsdale. In the Lake Minnetonka suburbs, we provide fast service to Shorewood, Deephaven, Minnetrista, Orono, Mound, Tonka Bay and Excelsior.

Let Us Help You Keep Costs Low

When you call us for a free, no-obligation consultation at your location, we’ll evaluate your needs, measure the size of your property, determine what tasks are required and then check our schedule for your area. We’ll give you a firm bid on a service plan that matches your unique needs. When comparing rates, be sure you’re comparing quotes for identical services. It’s common for some lawn service companies to quote you a flat rate that doesn’t include all of the work you need. Later, you’ll see extra charges on your bill. Our competitive bids are for a complete job, done properly and to your specifications.


Affordable Rates for Lawn and Snow Removal Services in the Twin Cities

We take pride in our outstanding performance on every job. Unlike some lawn care companies, we don’t cut corners or take shortcuts that can’t maintain the beautiful yard you expect and deserve. You might pay a little less for inferior mowing or other services, but you won’t get the outstanding results you demand. Our success and reputation is based on delivering the great results our customers expect at the best possible price. Don’t settle for less. Contact us today for a free consultation and price quote on exactly the services you need. Let us show you why our quality stands above the rest at an affordable price based on our excellent efficiency and hard work.

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