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If you’re like most Minnesota homeowners, you enjoy outdoor activities during our beautiful spring, summer, and fall seasons. From outdoor cooking and dining, to gardening and just relaxing in the healthful fresh air, you spend as much time as you can outside when the weather’s good. It’s a family tradition that takes advantage of our beautiful weather from May to October. A plain, humdrum yard just isn’t enough for Minnesotans. Everyone has ideas of how to make the outdoor areas at their homes more beautiful and useful for outdoor activities.

But who has the time and skills to take those ideas and turn them into reality? As a leading landscaping company in the Twin Cities, creating outdoor spaces for relaxation and entertainment is a special aspect of our business. We can create affordable and beautiful backyard features for our customers that beautify their outdoor areas and make them even more enjoyable for outdoor activities. We specialize in smaller projects that some contractors don’t really want to do. Here are some of the projects we can create for you:

  • Border Beds and Plantings – Whether you want decorative plantings around your house or plantings to define spaces in your yard, we can create these features for you and recommend plants that are compatible with the conditions in a particular area.
  • Drainage Systems – If your yard has low areas where water accumulates, causing inconvenience and the risk of mosquito infestations, let us design and install drainage systems to remove that water and dampness.
  • Fire Pits – For outdoor entertaining, few things are as pleasant as gathering around a fire. Creating attractive and safe fire pits for your recreational fires is one of our favorite projects.
  • Flower and Garden Beds – Beautiful flowerbeds enhance any home, and many homeowners also enjoy the benefits of vegetable gardening. We can create and prepare these ornamental flower and even vegetable garden beds for you.
  • Lawn and Garden Edging – Defining spaces is important. Proper edging installed around lawns and garden beds helps to keep your yard neat and tidy, and simplifies maintenance. We can create this edging, using a wide variety of available materials.
  • Paver Walks and Patios – Creating walkways and patio areas with an amazing variety of beautiful pavers is a specialty at our company. Proper preparation and installation is crucial for stability and longevity. The possibilities are endless.
  • Retaining Walls – A multi-level yard can add much interest to your landscaping and helps control drainage and protects other features. Using a variety of materials, we can create retaining walls that beautify and protect.
  • Many Other Projects – Whatever unique projects you can envision to enhance your outdoor spaces, chances are that we can help you turn your ideas into reality. If we can’t do a job, we’ll be happy to recommend a trusted and capable contractor to help you.

For over 30 years, our Minneapolis locally owned and operated landscaping company has been serving residential and commercial properties primarily in the Northwestern and Southwestern suburbs of the Twin Cities, including Plymouth, Hopkins, St. Louis Park, Maple Grove, Crystal, Minnetonka, Golden Valley, Blaine, Coon Rapids, New Hope, Edina, Bloomington, Eden Prairie, Richfield, Brooklyn Park and more.

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Whenever you have a landscaping project in mind, contact us. We’ll be happy to visit your site, discuss your design ideas and offer some of our own. Once the project is well defined, we can give you a bid on creating it for you. Our well trained, experienced and hardworking crews can then go to work to turn those design ideas into completed features you can begin enjoying with your family and guests. It’s a service we offer to help our loyal customers get the most out of their Minneapolis area homes.


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